The team at ABCD have over 100 years collective experience of working with vendors and technologies through the lifecycle of a vendor from those embryonic days when a technology first launches to years down the line as the technology and vendor becomes more mainstream.

The team bring with them extensive knowledge of the channel from our home land in the UK & Ireland, into mainland Europe, venturing into area’s within the Middle East and then into Australasia.

With the experience and credibility the team from ABCD bring gives extensive knowledge of the Partner & Distribution landscape in those areas so we can advise you on who to work with and how to approach them depending on your stage of evolution and strategy around growth.

By working with ABCD you instantly get access to the many years of knowledge across the territories that can save a vendor wanting to step into either new markets or area’s countless man hours trying to open the doors to people who, using our unique profiling methods and knowledge are more likely to be the right type of partner to suit your strategy. This meaning your route to market instantly becomes more strategic and focussed.

The IT Channel is one that is built on relationships and those relationships rely on..

  • Trust.
  • Respect.
  • Understanding.
  • Credibility.
  • Knowledge.

  • Whatever your strategy in the short, medium & long term the team of ABCD see this as a constantly changing process and one we can hand hold you through the process whether that be with a strategy that is

  • Direct Sales
  • Single Tier
  • Two Tier

  • Often a vendor will go through all of the above routes to market over a period of time and our aim is to support your strategy with invaluable knowledge and act as a trusted advisor to the vendor often acting as an extension of the vendors team in either a full time or part time capacity.

    Headed by Chris Walsh who started in the late 90’s and has 20+ years himself of taking new emerging and disruptive technologies to market whilst working for 3 extremely successful distributors and representing vendors that over the years have gone on to be acquired by:

  • Microsoft
  • Sophos
  • McAfee/Intel
  • Fortinet

  • Our aim with ABCD is to help vendors build a strategy on strong foundations which can be tricky but if you know what you are doing it can be as easy as A,B,C D!!

    Whilst none of this is what you would call Childs play, we know this is serious but we want to make this as enjoyable as possible, we spend a lot of time at work and in this industry so it’s about wearing smiles on our faces while we do it.
    The minute there is no enjoyment it’s time to stop, life is too short and ABCD will be formed with that in mind, if we enjoy ourselves, people will enjoy doing business with us. In an industry that’s ever changing its important to remember that not every Distributor, End user or Reseller will either

    A) Choose to do business with you.
    B) Be able to do business with you.

    It’s important to remember to treat everyone with the same respect and courtesy as whether you do business with an organisation this time or the next, people remember how you acted when they  weren’t a customer more than they do when they are a customer.


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