A Channel Strategy is a series of building blocks that ensure you have strong foundations to build from…

Which is why at ABCD we keep this process as simple as possible. One of the reasons we encourage children to use building blocks is for them to start to understand problem solving and we believe this is our role working with your business too. With our help we can make child’s play of supporting you and your chosen routes to market.


When choosing to implement your channel strategy whether that’s Direct, Single or a two tier approach it is unlikely this approach will be the same today as it may look in 3 or 5 years. This process is timely and costly and the role of ABCD is to help you roll out your plan in the simplest and most cost effective manner from recruitment of personnel and clients to deployment of the chosen route to market.

Industry insights and introductions to clients and partners that are pre specified targets fast tracking the ability to speak to those clients

Attracting new clients and opportunities to your brand by being associated with a team who know what they are doing

Managing the costs associated with building a channel

Scaling your business upwards in terms of revenue, market reach and branding

The World is becoming a smaller place

We can help you make it even smaller using the experience our team have gained over decades in our key markets.

We have unrivalled knowledge that can accelerate your working relationships with the chosen organisations in that said part of the world. Each territory has unique ways of doing business and its important to understand this and it's important to factor this into your channel strategy as your business evolves.

Two Tier Knowledge

For any vendor looking to implement a scalable multi-tiered route to market there is a myriad of factors to be taken into account.

  • Should I partner with a distributor?
  • What does the right partner for my business look like?
  • Should I employ more sales persons locally?
  • Will my strategy be the same in each territory?

  • The answer to all of these questions is unique to your brand. The team at ABCD can help guide you through this process.

    Unrivalled Channel Experience
    ensuring your time is not wasted

    going down the wrong path

    When you know what you are doing it’s as easy as ABCD

    Lets assess what is needed for you as a technology and brand

    What should your route to market be? Remember this is often a staged process that compliments your growth curve. Our plan today may change down the line and we can factor that in to the overall plan.

    Depending on the strategy can I utilise existing experience in that territory or should you as a vendor recruit your own? Either way whether we recruit for you or work with you we can help.

    What should your overall channel program look like? This will be linked to your chosen route to market but does need to have substance, structure from the outset even if it changes slightly during its lifecycle. Local Marketing and PR are important and they can often underpin your business strategy. Ensuring you know who to talk to, and when is essential, all of this is part of our skill set we bring to the table to work with yourselves.


    We use a Unique targeted Formula that allows a business plan to be formulated whatever your channel strategy is. Get in touch with us and let us help you build a plan that everyone is onboard with and can be measured from day one.